Python developer
Help us understand and tackle cancer by developing the system around our simulated cells.
Who are we?

Turbine is the first startup fighting cancer by simulating cancer cells & designing drugs against them with an AI.

We're a young team of doctors, developers and bioinformaticians based in Budapest, working with top pharma companies and research institutes across the globe.
Why should you join us?

tackle an enormous, global challenge - We are building a community of researchers who will use Turbine to understand cancer and find new ways to beat it. Your job will be to develop our Simulated Cell model where researchers can set up and run thousands of simulated experiments.
build deep tech to make a better world - We created Turbine after 10+ years of research to do good and save lives. We're working to bring better drugs to patients, faster.
grow both professionally & personally - Over a decade of building teams and organizations, we've learned the best way to guarantee results is letting you make your own fortune. We won't spoon feed you solutions, but trust you to surprise us with a way of doing things we never could have imagined.
work with smart people from all walks of life - Your days will be spent in the company of doctors, bioinformaticians, biophysicists - we even have our own science philosophist. We encourage you to think beyond your own role - if you have anything to add. Similarly, your best solutions may come from sharing thoughts with a colleague from another team.
About the role

We built a virtual expert-curated Simulated Cell that can model mechanism of action of different drugs.

Your role will be to develop algorithms using our internal Simulated Cell system.
You will be responsible for creating the computer equivalents of lab experiments, working with biologists on services directly used in pharma projects.

Particulars depend on your skills and fit - we'll talk a lot more about it after the first round
Who are we looking for?

You should at least know Python and Linux.

These additional technologies are a plus:
→ Pandas
→ Data analysis & visualisation
→ basic machine learning knowledge

Other skills:
→ has an eye for writing performant code
→ has an attention to detail
→ likes working in a multidisciplinary team

Please note that we are based in Budapest and can only consider candidates with a valid EU work permit.
We would love you to join Team Turbine.

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