Become our Cell Signaling Expert!
Help us understand and tackle cancer by simulating millions of in silico experiments each day, in collaboration with the biggest pharma companies and research teams in the world.
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Who are we?

The first startup fighting cancer with simulated human cells & AI. A young team of developers, doctors and bioinformaticians based in Budapest, working with top pharma companies and research institutes.
Why you should join us?

> learn innovative and powerful technologies
> grow together with our team
> use your knowledge to make impact
> save lives with your work
> great challenges – we need you to tackle them
> inspiring environment + unlimited coffee + fruits – to fuel your ideas
> competitive benefits– we nurture the best talents
About the role

developing and maintaining our expert-curated Simulated Cell model
•      expand our unique signaling network by researching
•      detect and understand important signaling phenomena, and improve our network by curating new pathway regulations and cross-talks
modelling mechanism of action of different drugs
•      enact change to processes and be focused on how to optimize cell signaling properties in order to realistically simulate cancer cell behaviour in response to various interventions, such as treatments with anti-cancer drugs
Key skills

> strong research and analytical skills
> ability to comprehend, filter and process complex texts / scientific publications
> need to understand different experimental techniques, focusing on omic technologies (such as genomics and transcriptomics)
> need to accurately record information and interpret results
> strong deductive reasoning and critical-thinking skills, able to understand complex network systems
> algorithmic knowledge is an advantage
> excellent communication skills in English, both verbal and written
> ability to work in team
Required qualifications

> at least a bachelor's degree in Biology or master’s degree in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, or from related fields of study
> on-going or finished postgradual studies are an advantage
> former research experience is essential
> work experience in molecular biology, especially in cancer biology is an advantage
Please note that we are based in Budapest and can only consider candidates with a valid EU work permit.

We would love you to join Team Turbine.

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